1941 Kalamazoo L-00 X-Braced

FON is illegible, but it ends in G. A particularly interesting Gibson; a late-model Kalamazoo-branded L-00, complete with scalloped X bracing. It's not often you come across a Kalamazoo with factory original X bracing, but Gibson is known for stranger things that that! The body is that of an L-00, the neck features the kalamazoo logo, and has no truss-rod. The combination of scalloped braces and truss-rod free neck makes for a particularly lightweight and resonant guitar, and as you might expect, this one sounds really good.

With your eyes closed, you might think you're playing a really good late 1940's LG-2; the guitar's neck is pretty much identical in feel to one from that era, and the scalloped braced top offers up a tone that is thick with overtones and the chunky mid range response characteristic of the early post-war LG-2s. But there is a little something else going on with this one - a bit more openness in the bass, a slightly wider dynamic range - that take it to the next level.

Perfectly set up, pro-quality recent neck reset, new bone saddle and vintage reproduction pins and tuners. No cracks on the guitar, but there are a few minor finish touch-ups and a little bit of rather insignificant light overspray in places. Strap-button holes have been nicely filled in on the heel of the neck and at the end pin. All told, the finish repairs are largely invisible. Their only affect on this guitar is to the pricetag! The guitar sounds excellent and plays like a dream. 1-11/16" nut, round neck, 24.75" scale. Action set at 4-7 64ths, original frets lie true and are nicely dressed.

With newer hardshell case