1938 Gibson J-35

FON DG-2300. A powerhouse J-35, with headroom a'plenty and a spring-loaded response. This one is nothing short of amazing; it's an incredible bluegrass picker -- but equally competent at bluesy rags. There's a great hop to pulled-off notes in G-runs, excellent cut in the trebles and mids, and a bass that will fill out the bottom of any jam session.

A three-tone bar J-35 with V-carved neck, sunburst finished top, and early-style bracing. The guitar is 100% original but for new frets and bone saddle by our shop. Recent neck reset and top crack repair with drop-fill touch-up by John Arnold. A crack through the endblock and a pair of minor back cracks were repaired by us, along with a minor crack at the fingerboard's end. Folkway set-up. 1-3/4" nut width.

A truly remarkable sounding guitar with perfect playability.

With hardshell case