1936 Gibson HG-00

FON 456B-20. Brought to Folkway by the granddaughter of its original owner, this HG-00 was bought new in London, Ontario in the late 1930's. It was owned and used by music teacher and lifelong musician, Edyth Hudson, cousin of The Band's Garth Hudson. It is a wonderful guitar, and beautiful condition. Converted to Spanish (standard) style by our shop, the guitar plays perfectly with comfortably easy action (5 to 7 64ths at the 12th fret). Amazingly, the instrument didn't need a neck reset, and the original bridge is full thickness. The guitar was 100% original and unaltered when we obtained it. In the conversion we filled and re-routed the bridge's saddle slot for correct intonation after reglueing the bridge and cleanly removing the pearl dots and bolts. We glued one top crack, and cut a new nut for the guitar as the original's string-to-string spacing was just horrible; we'll include the original with the guitar (for what it's worth).

A strong sounding guitar, with a forward and fundamental voice, articulate note separation, and really big trebles. It's a great fingerpicker, and proficient lead guitar, and has a surprising immediacy to its response -- similar to an archtop in that way. Big V shaped neck, 1-7/8 nut, 24.75" scale, 2-3/8" string spread at the bridge.

With hardshell case