1936 Gibson HG-00

FON 532B-17. Certainly among the finest examples of the 1930's HG-00 in existence, this guitar's condition is nothing short of miraculous. This one obviously remained unused through the years, likely thanks to the original Hawaiian set up that it arrived at Folkway with a few years back.

Our repair department converted the instrument to Spanish style about two years ago; a modification that includes resetting the neck, repositioning the saddle for proper intonation, and replacement of the original high nut. The workmanship is befitting of the guitar's condition, we're proud to admit, right down to the aged replica bone nut and saddle carved and installed. The instrument has become available again, and sounds even better than it did the first time we offered it for sale. It's still in near-mint condition, too, but now has a single minor ding on the back, and a small flaw in the top's lacquer on the lower treble bout.

Without any cracks, loose braces, or repairs the guitar is near-flawless in every way. There is no wear on the gears of the original brass Grover tuning machines; there is no pickwear, there is no case-rash, the bridge has never been shaved, and the bridge plate is unworn. The only reason we replaced the original frets was to deal with excessive neck relief - and we even toyed with the idea of reinstalling the original frets! Yes, this is definitely THAT kind of guitar.

The HG-00 was a 12-fret L-00 with a wide 1-7/8" nut and no truss rod. It is a perfect choice for ragtime, or any one of your favorite John Hurt tunes, and had developed a resonant and springy open voice with great overtones, mid-range rumble, and string balance. The guitar is currently set up with light strings and an action of 5 to 7 6ths at the 12th fret. The V neck isn't small, but if you're into wide necked guitars you'll surely love the way this one feels.

With new deluxe hardshell case.