1935 Kalamazoo KTG-11 Tenor

An exceptionally expressive, warm and enticing instrument, this Kalamazoo KTG-11 offers up something completely different for a guitar player looking for something to inspire some fresh sounds and creativity. We've set the guitar up to low E tuned in fifths (E-B-F#-C#); it plays like an octave mandolin, but dropped down 3 steps to a guitar's register. We often use this tuning for tenor guitar setups, and its particularly well suited to this ladder-braced KG-11. There is depth and roundness to the notes, great sustain, and lovely blend of overtones and fundamental.

The guitar is crack-free and in perfect shape. Playability is excellent with original frets that play cleanly. The tuners have been upgraded to planetary pegs for dependable and accurate tuning.

With a TKL Deluxe double-arched hardshell case

Shipping into the USA?

Sending this guitar to a US address is easy to do, and there are no taxes, or duties to pay when it arrives. We take care of everything involved in shipping – all you have to do unpackage the instrument when it arrives and play!

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