1935 Gibson MB-3 Banjolin

FON 768-5. A one-family-owned mid 1930's banjo, this MB-3 was the pride and joy of a radio musician from the mining town of Timmins, Ontario who's nickname was "The Kid with a Thousand Fingers!" He was active on the local radio airwaves from the 1940's into the 1960's, and played in dance bands into the late '60's.

A very well cared for instrument, this MB-3 is in excellent condition, but for missing fingerboard binding and a few tuner bushings. We've opted to offer this instrument in unrepaired condition, as there is a good chance that it will become a 5 string banjo under its next owner's tenure. The pot assembly is an 11" Mastertone, after all. It's completely original and in excellent condition.

11" maple rim, 9/16" thick, with 40-hole archtop tone ring, one-piece flange, 24 brackets, notched tension hoop, double coordinator rods, and arm rest. All metal components are in perfect working order and show no signs of fatigue. Flange is flat, and original resonator brackets and thumbscrews are in excellent condition. Mastertone decal is 95% intact, no rim cracks, warps, or damage. Mahogany resonator is in similarly excellent condition; neck-heel cut-out is slightly enlarged (looks factory original), white-bound front and back. Original finish throughout, original skin head is in excellent condition.

Should you want to use this instrument as a mandolin-banjo, with its original neck, it will need to have its heel carved to correct the neck angle, and its fingerboard binding replaced. Original frets are in good shape, as are the nut and tuners.

The original case is lovely and functions well. The instrument comes with its original bracket wrench, stored in the case pocket.

Offered AS-IS.