1935 Gibson L-00

FON Illegible. For many, Gibson's L-00 is the consummate blues guitar; something to play hard and play often, no matter where, when or how. They're loud and often kind of brash, with a strong midrange that a heavy right hand fingerstyle attack pulls out the best. Blues and blues-inspired players have long gravitated to the model for its unique tone and feel; if not for the way they look.

This example has been ridden hard through its life, and has the telltale looks and tone of a well-used L-00. It's a big sounding guitar, with a very round and aggressive midrange, thick chewy trebles (if trebles can be chewy), and a low end that's defined and present. It has big headroom that even size 12 hands won't be able to max out, and is an excellent fingerstyle blues and ragtime guitar.

It's in far from 'collector condition' thanks to a number of less-than-professionally repaired back cracks and a good sized portion of replaced back binding, but it's structurally up to task and doesn't need any further repairs. The top is in very good shape with an excellent arch and no cracks other than at the pickguard, and the guitar is original but for the first 7 frets, bridge pins, and 1/3 of the back binding. All told, it's a great choice for someone looking for a lower-priced great sounding L-00 that doesn't have life-threatening issues.

V neck with heavy wear, original ebony nut, and Brazilian rosewood fingerboard. Original neckset, full thickness lacquered original bridge with low saddle and modern unslotted Antique Acoustic pins. Original bridge plate, original braces (reglued back braces, a few reglued top brace ends), original heavily worn finish throughout, a few small side cracks, repaired end-pin crack. Set-up in our shop with action of 5-6 64ths, but for the low E that is higher thanks to the geometry of the bridge.

The guitar plays nicely and is pretty inspiring to sit with. There are a lot of songs in its worn finish, and it's easy to forget about the list of old repairs it's got tattooed on its back.

With hardshell case