1934 Gibson TG-00

FON 1031. One of the most beguiling sounds you'll hear on a visit to Folkway these days is this small-burst Gibson tenor's voice. These early TG-00's are exceptionally lightly built, and when down-tuned to octave-mandolin tuning (or lower, as we have it set up, to E) they offer a stunning bass, cavernous echoes, and a rich, lush treble response. For many a songwriter, a down-tuned tenor guitar is the ultimate muse -- something different than the 6 string they might be accustomed to, but not so different as to get in the way of the song-building experience.

Tuned in 5ths, with the low string at guitar low E, the tenor is something unique and wonderful. We highly recommend this set-up on these instruments.

This TG-00 is built with the same body as a '34 L-00, but with the bridge and plate positioned much closer to the sound hole thanks to the combination of 22-3/4" scale length and 14-fret neck joint. Mahogany back and sides, red spruce top with tapered X bracing, white top bindings, mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. The instrument is completely original but for a set of new Antique Acoustic bridge pins, and it's in excellent condition.

Crack-free top and sides, one nicely repaired back crack, no significant brace repairs, original bridge and bridge plate, and original finish throughout. The original Grover tuning machines work perfectly, frets show little wear, original ebony nut has never been removed or modified, and the guitar's original saddle is intact.

Set-up in shop with low E tuning, the strings are E-B-F#-C#, and gauged 54-34-24-15. The nut width measures 1-5/32", and the string action is just above 5/64" at the 12th fret.

No case