1932 Gibson L-0

FON 335. Among the most rare incarnations of the large-body L-0, the elevated fingerboard 14 fret models we're built only for a short while in 1932 by our best approximation. The elevated fingerboard changes the direction of string-pull on the bridge quite significantly, making these instruments sonically quite different than those with standard fingerboard extensions.

This example has just been through a long spa treatment in our repairshop, and is feeling years younger after its neck reset, refret, and pickguard reglue. We've cleanly reglued a number of braces, and seamlessly repaired a few invisibly small hairline cracks in the mahogany. The aged bone saddle is a copy of the original, and the tuning machines are correct, but not original to the guitar. New Antique Acoustic bridge pins in the bridge, set-up with 11-52 strings. The guitar's only real modification is the addition of side-dots on the neck just below the fingerboard. They have a real cool, 1940's look, and only help to make the guitar easier to play.

A completely beguiling guitar, this L-0 has all the complexity, darkness, and light-guitar resonance you'd hope to find in an early 1930's Gibson L flat top, but with a freshness, life, and spring that so many of these lack. We feel it has to do with the angle of pull of the strings on the bridge, and the perfect condition of the top's bracing and arch. Whatever the cause, this guitar is a winner in our books, and a thoroughly exciting offering.

The neck has a typical '32 early V carve, with a smaller profile than the V necks of '34 and later. Finish is worn nicely from the back of the neck, and the nut measures 1-3/4". Action set for fingerstyle, which is what the guitar excels at.

With original chipboard case.

Click HERE for our hi-def video feature of this L-0