1926 Gibson A Snakehead

Serial # 80006 FON 8284. Listed as an A model in Joe Spann's Gibson FON reference book, this mandolin shares features with the A2-Z built at the same time. Essentially and A2-Z body with a simpler-looking A neck, the instrument sounds and plays very nicely, despite being refinished and heavily played. Double-bound top, bound back, bound soundhole; 'Snakehead' headstock, unbound fingerboard, gold stencil The Gibson logo. Original nut, frets, tuners and pickguard; changed bridge and tailpiece. Two extra dots added at the end of the fingerboard, one tightly repaired top crack beneath the pickguard, and an extra pickguard-mount screw on the side. Neck finish is original but well worn, body finish is newer gloss sunburst lacquer. Bridge and set-up by our shop.

A very fine sounding mandolin with an open, quick, choppy, powerful response.

With period Gibson F hardshell case.