1918 Gibson F2

A particularly lovely Gibson F2 in wonderful and original condition. The F2 was second only to the F4 in price point and details throughout the 1910's. With its scrolled and pointed body, scroll headstock, lush sunburst finish and ivoroid bindings there was nothing budget about this model of Gibson mandolin. Built with plainer woods and less binding than the F4, the F2 was only slightly less ornate than its pricier sibling.

This example dates from early 1918, and features the very pretty pearl inlaid Handel tuners that were abandoned just a bit later in that year. The instrument is completely original and unmodified, crack free, and has just been carefully set-up in our shop. Original pickguard, tailpiece, bridge, frets, nut, tuners, and all finish. The seams are all tight, the top shape is perfect, and there have been no repairs to the instrument but for a well-executed scroll-crack reglue. There has been no finish touchup, and the original finish is in beautiful condition.

A beguiling sounding instrument, this Gibson F2 is expressive and rich, with a clean presence, and slightly dark compliment of overtones. Excellent balance, power, and throw. The frets show some wear, but play cleanly up the fingerboard. Action set to modern standard with a well-fit bridge.

With original hardshell case