1914 Gibson A-

The classic. This Gibson A- is a wonderfully preserved 100-plus year old mandolin that's completely original and in excellent condition. It's becoming rarer and rarer to find "teens mandolins that are without flaws or repairs, so we're justifiably excited about this one. We've known this mandolin for years as its last owner has been a client since the early days of Folkway. We replaced the frets about a decade back and they still play cleanly despite some wear under the A strings. Set-up is excellent, with an action of a bit less than 3/64 on the treble side and just under 4 on the bass, and a neck that has exactly the right amount of relief.

Original tuners, nut, pickguard, bridge, and tailpiece. Original finish throughout. No top sinkage or seam separations, the top's cross-brace is well glued and the finish shows its age, but isn't overly worn.

Clean and clear pumpkin-top tone, with a lovely ring and just enough warmth for solo playing.

With original hardshell case