1913 Gibson A-

A great sounding "teens A mandolin, with the classic warm and chunky oval-hole Gibson tone. This one has been around the block, but plays really nicely and is in great shape, in a well played kind of way. It has repaired back/rim seam separations, changed tuners, and a modification to the pickguard, but is otherwise largely original. The top has a perfect arch, neck angle and frets are good, it has its original nut, pickguard, and tailpiece, and its original case too. The finish is original, with worn sections and weathering and lots of patina. Long and short, if you don't mind bruises and scars, this is a great Gibson A- to consider.

Set-up here with 11-40, the instrument plays well and predictably. The original frets show some wear, but play cleanly.

With original hardshell case