1908 Gibson A-3

Serial # 9036 It is incredible to think about all the music that this Gibson A3, now well past 100 years old, has made through its life. Who played it when it was new? How many people have called it their own over the years? The mandolin sounds beautiful, with depth, openness, character, and warmth to spare -- and it's easy to lose yourself in its charm and thoughts of the stories that it's played the soundtrack to through time.

Carved spruce top and birch back and sides. Mahogany neck with ebony fingerboard. Style 3 appointments, including ivoroid body, soundhole, and fingerboard binding, pearl headstock ornamentation, and engraved tuning machines.

The instrument is completely original and in fine condition, without top or back cracks, top sinkage, or playability concerns. The neck angle is good, and the instrument plays easily, despite some wear to the original frets. There is a well-repaired crack through the heel of the neck that doesn't open under tension, and no other flaws other than some wear to the original finish. Visible through the soundhole is the J.J Levert (Dealer and Teacher, Montreal) label that we've become familiar with up here in Eastern Canada. Mr. Levert seems to have taught banjo and mandolin in New York City in the late 1800's, and relocated to Montreal in the early 1900's. His labels can be found on instruments from around 1898 through the end of WWI.

Unradiussed fingerboard with a nut width of 1-5/32. Action set at an easy 3-4 64ths at the 12th fret, level frets and fingerboard, clean playing in all neck positions.

With newer Hardshell case