2014 Tone King Galaxy with 2x12 Cab

The Tone King Galaxy is a quad-matched 6L6 60 watt head with tube driven long-pan reverb, bias-modulation type tremolo, two channels, and a whole lot of clean headroom. Maybe the ultimate Tele amp, the Galaxy, paired with the accompanying 2x12" matching cab has chime and warmth, and an organic tone that's other-worldly.

And then who can resist the retro aesthetic! With its Jetson-esqe 50's TV look, two tone green and white tolex and chicken head knobs the amp is worthy of living-room display. But thanks to its surprisingly light weight it's easy to take to the gig, too.

The amp and cab are in perfect, unworn, mint condition. There is no wear on any of the Tolex or corners, and there have been no modifications or repairs made to its circuitry. Original two button footswitch and cord are with the amp, as well.