1959 Epiphone Devon

Serial # 111705. Here's a rare and wonderful early model Epiphone EA-35 Devon in excellent working order. The Devon was the very first Epiphone-branded Gibson-built amp, and was otherwise identical to the Gibson GA-9 built at the same time. These very first EA-35 Devon amps were a simple one-knob no-frills unit, with a pair of 6V6 power tubes, 5Y3 rectifier and a single 12AX7 pre-amp tube delivering something about 8 to 10 watts through a 10" Jensen AlNiCo speaker.

The amp sounds incredible, to put it simply. It quickly dives into overdrive and then gets even better; but manages to not sound like a small low-wattage amp. The cabinet is the same size as most of the Gibson lower powered amps of the day (roughly the same as a Fender tweed Deluxe), so there's enough air volume to add plenty of dimension to the amp's tone.

The amp has been serviced, but all the tubes and ac cord are original issue. Speaker is original as well, and dated the 47th week of 1958. Greyish/tan covering is fairly worn, with an assortment of minor rips, and areas of delamination for the pine box underneath.