Vintage Instruments: Other Acoustic Guitars

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c.1988 Michael Dunn Mystery Pacific

Michael Dunn’s Mystery Pacific is styled after and inspired by Mario Maccaferri’s Grande Bouche guitars built by Selmer in the early 1930’s. It is a masterfully built instrument, complete with interior soundbox resonator, and is among the best sounding Selmer-style guitars we’ve encountered. Michael Dunn has long studied this style of guitar, and is considered among the masters of this genre. He has been building guitars for over half a century in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Indian rosewood and what looks like European Spruce, Grande Bouche soundhole, internal soundbox construction. Soft cut-away, mitered maple bindings and padauk purflings throughout, 14 frets to the neck, floating bridge with integral pickup. The neck has a classical feel with wide nut and flat carve, and a solid headstock. 25” scale with 1-7/8” nut width.

A massively loud guitar with plenty of punch, incredible bass response, and very full upper mids and trebles. It’s bright and can cut through, but is warm enough to cover rhythm duties as well, and won’t ever get lost in the mix. An elegant and powerful instrument in both design and tone.

In excellent condition, but for a tiny repaired side crack. Set up in shop.

The guitar is fitted with a saddle pickup, but also comes with a Stimer magnetic pickup that mounts in the soundhole.

With hardshell case

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