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1964 Hermanos Vera Classical

Fernando & Cesar Vera were master guitar makers in Madrid through the 1950's and 1960's. Madrid at that time was a major guitar-making center producing some wonderful instruments from small workshops, and the Vera brothers were highly regard among the Madrid builders. Their guitars are similar to those by Marcelino Lopez Neito in attention to detail and acoustic properties. Shorter scale than the Ramirez guitars of that era, they still delivered powerful basses and sweet trebles.

Spruce top with unknown Walnut-colored back & sides, ebony fingerboard and mahogany neck.650mm scale, 52mm nut.Traditonal fan-braced top.

The guitar shows some structural repairs around the fingerboard's extension and along the purfling edges of the back. The top's center seam is repaired as well. The repairs are well done and stable. The guitar's fingerboard has somewhat excessive relief and some uneven frets. Some fingerboard and fret work would be beneficial in getting the guitar up to its most playable state.

A fairly intimate guitar with dark overtones.

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