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1950s Kay K15

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$999 (CAD)
(approx. $799 USD)
In stock in Waterloo.
Likely the single most under-rated guitar in our inventory, this mid 1950’s Kay K15 has that big, full and deep bluesy tone that you can only find in larger ladder-braced guitars. Take what you think you know about how a ladder-braced guitar sounds, then add lot more bass, a bunch more warmth, and hugeness in the trebles. It’s just a great sounding guitar, and it’s a perfect choice for fingerstyle blues, jazzy flatpicking, swing, and ragtime. Hit it hard and it responds quick and full with plenty of definition, a bit of thump, and zero thinness.

Completely original and in excellent condition, this K15 has no cracks or repairs, excellent fretwork, a perfect neck angle, and no playwear. It’s set up with 5-7 64ths action and plays cleanly right up the neck.

The neck has a chunky D-shaped carve with a nut width of 1-3/4” and strings that spread to 2-1/8” at the bridge. Scale is a whopping 25.8” and the fretboard radius is 10”. Bone nut and saddle, Kluson tuners, rosewood board and bridge. Solid spruce top and birch back and sides, single ply white bindings, sunburst finish, white screwed-on pickguard and cool Kay decal headstock logo.

With original chipboard case

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