Vintage Instruments: Martin Guitars

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1975 Martin D-18

One of the good ones, this 1975 Martin D-18 has a very warm, open, full and dark voice, with definition in the bass and roundness up high.  It’s a great choice for songwriting and strumming, and fills out the bottom really nicely.  A crack-free guitar that’s had its neck reset for optimal playability, and its bridge replaced with an ebony Martin style 28 bridge.  The ebony is a nice-sounding upgrade to a D-18 and, although not accurate to the guitar, doesn’t really strike against this one too much given its age.  The pickguard is a replacement as well.

No repairs under the hood, original finish throughout, original tuners, nut, and nicely dressed original frets.  Set up with standard action and full height saddle.

Original blue ‘Thermoplastic’ hardshell case

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