Vintage Instruments: Martin Guitars

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1950 Martin D-28

A wonderful sounding and playing all-original Martin D-28 built in 1950. The guitar is crack free but for the usual pickguard margin issue and shows no repairs other than a cleanly executed neck reset and perhaps a bridge reglue in its distant past. No loose or repaired braces, the bridge plate is perfect, original finish throughout, and the Kluson waffleback tuners are original to the guitar. There’s playworn finish in the usual places, and scratches and worn edges typical of a nearly 70 year old instrument. Stage ready with a Schatten bridge plate transducer pickup.

The guitar has a powerful voice with plenty of headroom for heavy flatpicking, strong bass and midrange and trebles that balance well. Classic post-war D-28 clarity and focus, old wood dryness, and quick response. A real fun dreadnought to strum or pick.

Straight-grained Rosewood back and sides with Sitka top, straight X bracing, and classic Style 28 appointments. Made in USA stamp on the back side of the headstock denoting this one as an export instrument. 1-11/16” nutwidth, 50’s rounded neck carve with slight hull, 2-1/8” string spread at the bridge. Action set at 5-7 64ths with medium-gauge strings and about 1/16” of saddle showing above the guitar’s full-thickness bridge.

With early 1960’s Martin/Harptone hardshell case

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