Vintage Instruments: Martin Guitars

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1928 Martin 0-28K

With its highly figured koa body, herringbone style 28 trim, attractive wooden purflings, and fresh conversion to Spanish style from its original Hawaiian set-up, this 1929 Martin 0-28K is easy to fall head over heals for!  It’s a breathtakingly gorgeous guitar, it plays better than most brand new guitars, and has the dry and slightly bright, open, and piano-like cavernous tone that defines these lightly built all-koa Martins.  

Conversion from Hawaiian was recently completed here at Folkway by Mark Stutman.  The work involved resetting the neck and replacing the bar frets, radiussing the fingerboard and installing side-dots, replacing the nut, and recutting the bridge’s saddle slot for better intonation.  With freshly crowned medium-tall bar frets (.045” tall) the guitar’s feel is light and responsive.  Set up to 5-6 64th action with 12-53 light gauge strings, this 0-28K is ready for fingerstyle or flatpick.  The guitar is in exceptional condition.  There are no cracks, and the finish is gorgeous.  You’ll find some playwear to the top where a pickguard would otherwise have been.  The bridgeplate is a well-made replacement, and the original bridge has small filled-in screw-holes through the wings. There is a small older top repair immediately in front of the bridge; the bridge and top are otherwise perfect, and there are no other repairs to the guitar.  

Softened V neck carve, 24.9” scale, 1-7/8” nutwidth, 2-5/16” string spread at the saddle, 16” to 20” compound radius fingerboard.  Original engraved Waverly tuners work perfectly.  Original endpin, modern Antique Acoustic old style 28 bridge pins; bone saddle and replica NOS bone nut.  

This guitar is located in the USA and is available only to our US-based clients. It shipped from Canada to the USA with CITES documentation and can freely ship within the USA. With modern hardshell case

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