Vintage Instruments: Martin Guitars

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1928 Martin 0-28K

With its highly figured koa body, herringbone style 28 trim, attractive wooden purflings, and fresh conversion to Spanish style from its original Hawaiian set-up, this 1929 Martin 0-28K is easy to fall head over heals for! It’s a breathtakingly gorgeous guitar, it plays better than most brand new guitars, and has the dry and slightly bright, open, and piano-like cavernous tone that defines these lightly built all-koa Martins.

Conversion from Hawaiian was just completed here at Folkway. The work involves resetting the neck and replacing the bar frets, radiussing the fingerboard and installing side-dots, replacing the nut, and recutting the bridge’s saddle slot for bettered intonation. With freshly crowned medium-tall bar frets (.045” tall) the guitar’s feel is light and responsive. Set up to 5-6 64thaction with 12-53 light gauge strings, this 0-28K is ready for fingerstyle or flatpick. We’re happy to lower the action further upon a buyer’s request.

The guitar is in exceptional condition. There are no cracks, and the finish is gorgeous. You’ll find some playwear to the top where a pickguard would otherwise have been. The bridgeplate is a well-made replacement, and the original bridge has small filled-in screw-holes through the wings. There is a small older top repair immediately in front of the bridge; the bridge and top are otherwise perfect, and there are no other repairs to the guitar.

Softened V neck carve, 24.9” scale, 1-7/8” nutwidth, 2-5/16” string spread at the saddle, 16” to 20” compound radius fingerboard. Original engraved Waverly tuners work perfectly. Original endpin, modern Antique Acoustic old style 28 bridge pins; bone saddle and replica NOS bone nut.

With modern hardshell case

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