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1964 Harmony H-47 Stratotone Lefty

Harmony offered two electric models in standard left-handed configuration in the 1960s, as best as we can tell:  the H-47 Stratotone, and the H-70 Meteor.  There seem to have been more of the Meteors built as they tend to show up for sale with some infrequent regularity.  The H47 Stratotone, however, almost never surfaces for sale, and three of the 4 we have found over the last 15 years we've purchased.  Two of those are in the permanent collection of our store's left-handed head-honcho.  

This example is in exceptional condition and is completely original.  The DeArmond gold-foil pickup is dated May 20th 1964, and sounds ridiculously good.  Electronics work perfectly and cleanly, and the guitar has recently enjoyed a fret-dress and set-up in our shop.  

It's strung with 11-49 strings, which feel nice and light on the guitar's short 24" scale length neck.  The neck carve is a rounded D, with a nut width of 1-11/16" and just a slight taper towards the upper frets. Unfaded cherry-to-black sunburst finish.

A very rare, and fantastically good sounding left-handed electric guitar.

With original chipboard case. 

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