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1965 Epiphone FT-45 N Cortez

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$1895 (CAD)
(approx. $1535 USD)
In stock in Waterloo.
Built by Gibson in its Kalamazoo factory, the Epiphone FT-45 N Cortez is identical to Gibson’s B-25N, but for its headstock and pickguard dimensions. It’s the mid 1960’s evolution of a Gibson LG-3, and shares much of that guitar’s design.

X-Braced spruce top with mahogany back and sides and cream-plastic bindings. Adjustable rosewood bridge and saddle, thin tortoise-celluloid pickguard, lacquer finish. Rosewood fingerboard with dot inlays, large Epiphone headstock, and Kluson tuners.

The guitar is in excellent condition and crack-free. The frets are new and very nicely done, and this Cortez plays really nicely. The neck carve is small, and the electric players here at Folkway love the feel. Nut width measures a hair less than 1-9/16”, scale is 24.75”.

The guitar has a pleasing adjustable bridge voice, with a lot of bottom end warmth, a reserved midrange, and rounded but defined trebles. It’s a smooth sounding guitar, with a little compression added by that rosewood adjustable saddle, and likes a medium to light attack best.

With original case

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