Vintage Instruments: Gibson Guitars

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1959 Gibson J-50

An exceptionally fine 1959 Gibson J-50 without cracks or any significant wear. It’s been expertly converted to a drop-in saddle style bridge and has a powerful and clear voice. In stunning condition, this J-50 features a gorgeous and unworn original finish, original tuners and frets, a beautiful pickguard, and 1950’s features including original small maple bridge plate and single-ring rosette.

Completely crack-free, perfect top arch and shape, tightly glued braces (only 2 back brace ends needed gluing when it arrived here), perfect original neck angle, and forgery-grade reproduction bridge with drop-in bone saddle. Set up with easy action of 4-6 64ths and light strings the guitar is very enjoyable to play. The neck has a round carve and medium-chunky feel typical of late 1959 Gibson and is fretted with the low/wide wire that had just-that-year been introduced. Frets show a little bit of wear in the first position but are otherwise excellent and play cleanly.

An uncommonly faultless 60 year old Gibson acoustic.

With similarly perfect Gibson hardshell case.

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