Vintage Instruments: Gibson Guitars

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1957 Gibson J-45

A very fine sounding J-45 with a dark warmth and plenty of 50’s Gibson thump. Balanced and expressive, quite open and resonant, and perfect for roots and country vocal backup. There’s plenty of vibe - and playwear - that really adds to the playing experience of this J-45. Beyond that, it’s a fitted with a K+K pure pickup, so it’s gig-ready, too. Factory-original non-adjustable bridge set-up.

The top has a repaired crack at the lower bass bout and a repaired pickguard crack. There are two small back cracks, and none on the sides. Top center-seam has been reglued in places. Original bridge, saddle, and nut. Period-original tuners; the bushing holes are chipped-out on the peg-head face, and there is evidence that Grovers were once installed. The finish is worn off the back of the neck, and there’s some light capo wear as well. The fingerboard edges are well worn and rounded over too. The neck feel is incredible. Refretted at Folkway about a decade back, and there’s still great life left to the frets. Plenty of wear to the finish, great looking patina and vibe.

With hardshell case

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