Vintage Instruments: Gibson Guitars

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1949 Gibson J-45

A powerful, throaty, and fat sounding J-45, with beautiful mid-range presence and plenty of support on either end of the spectrum. All J-45s are great strummers, but some of them are excellent single-note guitars, as well, and that is this instrument's magic. It's equally at home supporting a singer as it is ripping a bluegrass flat-picked melody or fiddle tune.

The guitar was through Folkway about a year ago for frets, saddle, bridgeplate, and a few brace-end reglues. We installed a set of original Kluson tuners at that time and undid the evidence of the Grovers we removed. We can fill you in on the particulars of the restoration anytime if you'd like to call the shop; all the work was done by Mark Stutman.

The top has a perfect arch, the center-seam has been reglued, and there is playwear by the pickguard. No top cracks or back cracks; but there are a pair of minor repaired cracks on the flat-part of the treble side, each two or three inches long. Original finish throughout, with a little bit of old brushed-over lacquer on the barrel of the neck.

The guitar plays perfectly with unworn frets. Set up with an action of 5-6 64ths and a full height saddle.

With hardshell case

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