Vintage Instruments: Gibson Guitars

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1932 Gibson L-0

FON 214.  Easily one of the finest pre-war vintage acoustics we’ve ever offered for sale, this black and white Gibson L-0 was brought to Folkway by the family of the fellow who bought the guitar new some eighty years back.  The guitar appears to have been used for a short while and then set aside, only to be unearthed some 85 years later.  There are a few very small scratches to the finish, a fingernail-sized bit of case-rash on the side, and a tiny crack at the bass-side of the bridge’s saddle slot (which we’ve repaired), but the guitar is otherwise pretty much spotless. 

Original finish looks factory fresh, tuners are unworn and untarnished, frets are unworn, neck finish shows no wear, bridgepins and endpin are original and unworn.  The bridge is tight to the top and has never been removed, nut has not been off, and the pickguard isn’t pulling.   There are no cracks in the guitar other than the one at the saddle slot.  There are no repairs to the guitar’s braces or bridgeplate, although there are two slightly loose back brace-ends which we’ve opted to leave as they’ve likely been like this since 1932.

Original neck angle is good, and the guitar’s action has been set at 5-7 64ths at the 12th fret.  There is a small amount of saddle height available for future adjustments, and the bridge is its un-altered factory size, complete with original black paint. 

Mahogany back, sides and top, rosewood board and bridge; white plastic pickguard and top binding.  A very lightly built 12 fretter, we’ve set up the guitar with Martin Monel 11’s and really enjoy the tone.  The mahogany top offers some brightness and definition, while the light build really brings out the warmth and woodiness of the early L-0/L-00 build.  Round neck, 1-3/4” nut, 24-3/4 scale, 2-3/8” string spread at the bridge.

We can’t think of any reason not to fall in love with this one.

This guitar is located in the USA and is available only to our US-based clients. It shipped from Canada to the USA with CITES documentation and can freely ship within the USA. With modern hardshell case

With non-original hardshell case

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