Vintage Instruments: Gibson Guitars

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1914 Gibson A-4

Among the finest vintage Gibson mandolins we’ve had through the store in years, this 1914 A-4 is a perfect example of how ‘on-it’ Gibson was in those first decades of the 20th century. The instrument is just exquisite in its details and construction – from the beautiful inlaid Handel tuning machine buttons and the curves of its celluloid pickguard, to the subtle graduation of its hand rubbed sunburst finish and everything in between.

This Gibson A-4 is in remarkable condition and without any repairs or significant playwear. The instrument’s only flaws are two 1” sections of separated back binding that we’ve elected to leave unrepaired. The neck angle is excellent, the set-up was just completed here at Folkway, and the instrument’s top shows perfect arch. The nut has not been off, the frets are largely unworn, the tuners work perfectly, and the pickguard’s mounting bracket is tight and functional.

Complete with original hardshell case, this Gibson A-4 is a wonderful example of Gibson’s finest A-style mandolins from era of the first World War.

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