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2017 Texosound Mini

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$1695 (CAD)
(approx. $1373 USD)
Tony Teixeira’s ‘Bernie’ amps are based off the famous Bell and Howell Filmosound projector amplifier conversions made by Bernie Raunig, and more specifically the one favoured by Canadian guitar-slinger Colin Cripps. The Mini-Bernie is a 14 watt version of the Bernie circuit, and offers the dynamic and wide-open tonal spectrum of the 20 watt Bernie, in a tweed-deluxe volume-level package. It’s a real 14 watts though, so don’t let the amp’s small size fool you.

The Tex Mini features EL-34 power tubes, Celestion G10 Vintage speaker, and passport blue exterior. Volume and tone controls, single input, and that’s it. It’s a simple and small amp, but it’s got all the tone one could ask for. Great bass handling without any mush or give, lots of sensitivity, and plenty of sweep on the volume control to dial in the amount of cream, compression, and gain.

This example is nearly brand new and is in perfect condition.

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