Vintage Instruments: Archtop Guitars

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2001 Heritage 575

The Heritage 575 is a 16” acoustic archtop with Florentine cutaway and body-mounted humbucker pickup. The body is carved from solid figured maple and features X bracing, large F holes and a slightly shallow side depth of 2-11/16” for reduced feedback and increased comfort.

Acoustically, the guitar has a punchy and quick response with prominent mids and strong, round trebles. Plugged in and strung with flat wound strings, the guitar has an ES-175 fundamental, but with a bit more woody naturalness and overtones.

A simply appointed guitar with single-ply white bindings, a dot-neck rosewood fingerboard and gold hardware, there’s nothing terribly ornate about the instrument, but it comes off really tasteful. It’s about the tone, and this Heritage 575 has lots of it.

Low C neck carve, 1-11/16” nut, 24.75” scale. The guitar is in near-perfect condition and is free of any repairs or issues. Just a little pickwear on the maple pickguard.

With original hardshell case

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