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1967 Fender Showman Head

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Reg $1199 - Sale Price $995!
Fender’s blackface AB763 circuit Showman is a 4x6L6 equipped 85 watt unit with normal and vibrato channels and without reverb. It’s among the cleanest high-headroom amps fender made, and ideal for big venues or for those who crave the most clean-headroom they can get. This is an immeasurably good sounding head, and does what it does really well.

Its transformers are all dated mid 1967, but the white tolex and oxblood grill are not original. The faceplate may or may not be original – it’s impossible to call – but remains questionable as it’s a Fender Electric Instruments era plate. The rear plate is the original FMI variety. Changed handle and knobs, grounded AC cord as well.

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