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1960 Silvertone 1434 Medalist

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$1095 (CAD)
(approx. $887 USD)
In stock in Waterloo.
The Silvertone 1434 Medalist was the largest and most powerful amplifier in the 1950’s model lineup. Built by Danelectro, the 1434 featured a 2x12” Oxford alnico speaker setup, quad-matched 6L6 power tubes, about 50 watts of power, two channels, and tremolo.

This example is just about entirely original, including speakers, transformers, and its four Silvertone-branded power tubes. It’s a big and bold sounding amp, with plenty of clean headroom, excellent touch-sensitivity and great dynamics. The cabinet and baffle board are constructed entirely of MDF that’s now nearly 60 years old, so there are sympathetic rattles that enter the tone equation when the volume is turned up. It would be fun to build a repro cabinet out of solid pine or birch ply to tighten things up, but we’ll leave that to you. It sounds great as it sits, too.

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