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1954 Premier 88 Amplifier

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$1995 (CAD)
(approx. $1616 USD)
In stock in Waterloo.
The Premier 88 is a 6L6 powered side-by-side combo amp with about 25 watts of power on offer, 5 band pass-filter style EQ control, and a triple speaker set up consisting of a 15” Alnico Jensen P15P and a pair of 2” Jensen Alnico tweeters. It’s an amazing sounding amplifier – big, bold, clean, airy, and defined. But the real magic with this one is its tremolo. This is the one that all tremolos should be measured by. Kind of tough to put words to, to be honest, but safe to say we totally understand why Ry Cooder chooses to tour with one of these amps.

The amplifier has microphone and instrument channels, each of which has tone controlling via a set of organ-style levers that turn on and off frequency pass filters. Admittedly, it sounds the best when all of the switches are ‘on’, but it’s fun to mess with.

The amp is largely original, with a changed AC cord and speaker hook-up jack. Which allows the use of other speaker cabinets if desired. It’s been serviced recently and works well.

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