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1954 Mason No.5 Amp and Steel Set

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$949 (CAD)
(approx. $740 USD)
In stock in Waterloo.
Built in Galt, Mason amps and lap steels are local to their core. The amp features Guelph-made Hammond transformers, Waterloo-made Marsland speaker, and Guelph-made Holman cabinet. The steel was likely manufactured by Holman in Guelph as well, but we can’t confirm this.

A great looking pair with matching amp and case covering. The steel sounds very full and thick and has a strong voice. The amp is similar to a tweed Deluxe, but with a few less watts of power. We’ve had it serviced and have replaced the AC cord with a safer grounded plug. A surprisingly loud, powerful, and detailed amplifier, it’s one you’ll be happy use a lot. Besides that, it looks cool.

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