New Instruments: National Resophonic Guitars

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National NRP Tricone Brushed Steel

The Brushed Steel NRP Tricone features a marriage of classic simplicity and tasteful design. It's a stunning guitar to behold, and is equally stunning to listen to. The instrument has a softer attack and mellower response that its single-cone brethren, and is rich with overtone and haunting echoes. A beguiling fingersytle instrument that can do it all, the steel bodied Tricone has just the right balance of smoothness and jump in its voice.

The brushed nickel plating and simple mahogany neck finish gives the guitar a distinctly vintage look, while the fairly robust and full neck supplies the feel. The guitar is superbly constructed, with extraordinary beauty in the details.

25.7" scale, 1-13/16" bone nut, ebony fingerboard, National open-geared tuners.

With deluxe hardshell case

Individual instruments may vary slightly in appearance

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