New Instruments: National Resophonic Guitars

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National M1 Tricone

National Resophonic's Mahogany bodied M1 Tricone has a tone unlike anything else the company has ever offered. The volume and dynamic range of this guitar will surprise you at first strum; it's much more airy and open than a brass or steel tricone -- and has much less focus in the mids than the metal bodies. Instead, the sound is warm, wide and breathy, and controlled. Fingerstyle guitarists (who don't play slide) will find inspiration in this instrument, as will anybody who's always wanted a resonator but hasn't found one that's just right.

A truly remarkable creation, and more than 3 pounds lighter than a metal bodied equivalent. Mahogany ply body with wooden soundwell, mahogany neck, ivoroid-bound ebony fingerboard, slotted headstock. Round neck carve, 25.65" scale, 1-13/16" nut.

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