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2009 T.H. O’Neill Grand Concert 12 String

T.H. O’Neill is a builder who is steeped in vintage guitars and fairly boundless in scope. He builds acoustics inspired by many different 1920’s and 30’s models, from L-00s to 00-18s, and has carved a niche as one of Canada’s most highly regarded flat-top builders by those in the know. But thanks to spending more time in the shop than in front of a computer, O’Neill has largely remained a well kept secret. We’re working on changing that, and are quite excited to showcase this 10 year old 12 fret Grand Concert 12 string, built in the style of the Oscar Schmidt/Stella Grand Concert 12 strings of the late 1920s.

Featuring a 14.5” wide 12-fret body, long 26.5” scale neck and a ladder-braced Adirondack spruce top with mahogany back and sides, the guitar is very lightly built and incredibly responsive. Designed to be down-tuned to C, the guitar screams Piedmont Blues, and is instantly reminiscent of Barbeque Bob and other south-eastern blues players of the depression era. It’s admittedly a pile of fun to play, and truly sounds ‘right’ for that style of fingerstyle blues. And it cleans up well under a more relaxed and lighter attack, too.

Ebony fingerboard and pyramid bridge with 6-pin stringing. Slotted headstock fitted with Stewart MacDonald Golden Age tuners. Nut width of 2”, 26.5” scale, 2.5” pin-to-pin bridge string spacing. Great looking vintage Stella purfling and rosette, holly bound body and headstock. Thin, hand-applied French polish finish.

The guitar is in excellent condition and beautifully set-up. There is fingernail wear to the top where a pickguard might otherwise be, but no other wear of any significance.

 With hardshell case.

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