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L.R. Baggs Preamps

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The new Venue DI is a complete all-in-one foot pedal that offers all the features that an acoustic performer could wish for in one well-built and compact unit. High quality preamp with four band EQ, high and low sweepable mids, notch, gain and presence controls, mutable chromatic stage tuner, adjustable boost switch of up to 9dBs and balanced XLR D.I. output with ground lift.

The Para Acoustic D.I. is one of L.R. Baggs' biggest sellers and has become an on-stage fixture for discerning musicians. It offers a great sounding and extremely flexible preamp housed in the same sturdy case as a studio quality direct box. Four band EQ with sweepable notch and mid controls, input gain and master volume knobs, phase invert and FX loop. The entire unit can be powered by phantom through the balanced XLR D.I. output.

The L.R. Baggs Gigpro uses the same circuitry as the popular Para Acoustic D.I. but offers only the essential features in a smaller and more affordable package. High-quality preamp with three band EQ, input gain and master volume knobs and a phase invert button provide all the control needed to shape an acoustic signal. Designed to be worn on a guitar strap or belt for easy access.

The L.R. Baggs Mixpro is the perfect solution for player looking to use a dual source pickup or mic/ pickup combination without mounting bulky electronics inside a guitar. The stereo input allows two sources to be mixed and shaped by Baggs' famous discrete class A preamp. Treble and bass controls with low-cut trim knob, phase invert and master volume, switchable phantom power all in a small rugged box with belt clip.

The Feedback Master is a light-weight preamp that uses two Garrett Null sweepable notch filters to locate and eradicate feedback from top and air resonances while maintaining a clean clear tone.

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