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K&K Preamps

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We install more K&K passive transducer pickups than any other brand and love the company's simple yet effective method in making acoustic guitars actually sounds like acoustic guitars when amplified. K&K also offer a line of preamps that are specially designed to work with their pickups, adding a large degree of control while maintaining the highest possible sound resolution.

Pure Preamp
The pure preamp is a compact and affordable belt-clip unit that provides all the essential features needed for complete amplified tone. Master volume, internal gain trim-pot, three-band EQ with extra wide band midrange filter. This preamp is the first step in shaping the signal from your acoustic pickup.

Pure XLR Preamp
The pure XLR preamp uses the same high-quality preamp as the classic pure preamp but adds a balanced XLR output with switchable phase. This enables the unit to be used as an all-in-one preamp -- EQ -- DI box for stage use. It can be powered either by the built in 9-volt battery or with phantom power via the XLR cable.

Dual-Channel Pro Preamp
While on the surface this unit looks like a simple two-channel mixer, a glance under the hood reveals two fully adjustable preamps in one compact belt-clip box. Separate internal trim-pots for gain, treble and bass control allow for precise adjustment of each input. With the case popped back on, two volume knobs make mixing dual source pickups or multiple instruments a breeze.

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