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Headstrong Lil' King Blond/Oxblood

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$2595 (CAD)
In stock in Waterloo.
The Lil' King Reverb is a faithful recreation of Fender's original 1964 Princeton Reverb. This one features blonde-era looks, with an oxblood-colored grille, blond tolex and white knobs, and a 12" Eminence/Alessandro 40 watt ceramic speaker, but its tone is all blackface Princeton Reverb; with the extra upper-mid fatness that 12" speaker adds. 12 watts, 6V6 powered all-tube combo, 100% hand point-to-point wired, tube reverb and trem, finger-jointed pine cabinet, two-button footswitch.

Looking for a mint Blackface, but want a hassle-free amp with a 10 year warranty? Here you go!

Folkway Music is Canada's only Headstrong dealer.

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