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Headstrong Corduroy

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$2695 (CAD)
In stock in Waterloo.
Headstrong’s newest amp is an exacting recreation of Fender’s 1961-63 6G3 Brownface Deluxe. It’s truly an amazing thing, and is quickly becoming many people’s favorite amp in the shop.

The Corduroy offers 20 watts with a pair of 6V6 power tubes, normal and bright channels, tremolo, hand wired chassis with finger-jointed pine cabinet and a 12" Alessandro GA-SC64 Eminence speaker. There’s not much to it – each channel has volume and tone controls, and there’s speed and depth control to the trem, but that’s it. The rest is all about the tone. And there’s plenty of that.

At 20 watts, the amp is amazing at taking pedals or going straight. It does a beautiful snarly fat and clear breakup with more input gain, but doesn’t loose its definition in the bass as so many lower and mid wattage amps do. There’s no mud here. It’s tight and detailed, but not glassy, and seems to handle single coils and humbuckers with equal skill. Beyond that, you’ll have to try one for yourself. This one has everything going on.

Folkway Music is Canada's only Headstrong dealer.

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