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1931 National Triolian Polychrome Ukulele

Serial # 538. Perhaps the most original and untouched National Triolian Polychome Ukulele in the world.

This instrument, built most likely in 1931, is in time-capsule condition. The finish is remarkable, with only one small paint chip to be found. The coverplate screws show no sign of any screwdriver wear, the cone and biscuit are untarnished and clean, the headstock decal is perfect, the tuners and nut have never been off, the fretboard finish is nearly perfect but for a small spot of wear at the 1st fret, frets are unworn, well seated and level, and the instrument's action and set-up are perfect. The original case is in excellent condition as well, and you'll find 1930's string packing and felt pick in the pocket.

Vintage ukuleles like this are the stuff of legend. Under-the-bed specials still do exist!

With original case

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