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1930's Minerva Soprano

Distributed by Canada's T. Eaton Company in the 1930's and 1940's, Minerva Branded instruments were built by Toronto's Arthur Hensel, and Chicago's Harmony Company. We can't really say which builder created this instrument; regardless, it's a remarkably well-preserved Soprano, simply appointed, and built of solid curly Hawaiian Koa.

Virtually unworn, this ukulele was purchased locally from the grand daughter of the original owner. The instrument has been restrung with Aquilla strings and set-up by us, and plays very nicely and in tune. It is completely original, and features a Roman-themed Minerva headstock decal, triple-line engraved rosette, and an unbound body.

With its original rear-opening case and headstock tassles, the Minerva ukulele is a time-capsule of an instrument, but one that's still completely playable. We like it a lot!

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