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Ludwig Wendell Hall Professional Banjo Uke

The Ludwig Wendell Hall Professional is among the more sought-after banjo-ukulele models on the vintage market, and this example has to be among the finest of its kind.

Brought to Folkway by the family of the original owner, the Wendell Hall needed nothing other than some set-up to get it into perfect playing order. It's completely original, unmodified, in need of no repairs, and in fantastically excellent condition. The nickel plated parts are untarnished, lacquer finish is unworn, frets are level, and all the original parts (including the tuning machines) work perfectly.

Walnut neck and bound walnut resonator, top-tension rim/flange assembly, with integrated armrest and tailpiece. 7.5" head diameter, original skin head, 14" scale length, 1-1/4" nut width. Bone nut, friction machine pegs, original bridge.

An excellent sounding banjo-ukulele, the Wendell Hall is loud when needed, subtle when touched lightly, and has a lovely rounded sound.

The original case is in excellent condition as well, however is missing its handle. In the case pocket you'll find the original Ludwig bracket wrench.

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