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1937 National Style 0

Serial # A5494. Easily the finest 14 fret National to ever grace these pages, this 1937 model is a gem among gems. A rare and exceptional instrument. In perfect condition, seemingly unused, with no dents in the body, no fretwear, no cone fatigue, no wear on the tuning machines, no finish wear on the neck. The guitar is perfect. Recent Neck reset and set-up by the hands of Marc Schoenberger ( Marc's restoration work on vintage National guitars is of the highest quality, and we're tough judges. The guitar plays perfectly now, with action of 7 to 8 64ths at the 12th fret and just the right amount of relief. The sound is fresh, thanks to an original cone that's in perfect shape. There is a brightness and articulation heard in this guitar that is not often found in old resonators. The dynamic range is wide, with a sparkly presence, full mids, and a bold and snappy bottom end. This one is a fabulous player on top of its darn good looks! With well worn period hardshell case (or New HSC if you'd prefer)

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