Museum: Resonator & Steel Guitars

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1929 National Triolian

No serial #. An early wood body triolian with Hula Girl stenciling, and yellow finish with red and blue highlights. They don't come too much cooler than this for us vintage National fans. This one is pretty well used, but is factory original except for newer frets. The neck was reset and refretted nicely some time ago, and the guitar plays well, with a hybrid slide/chording set up. Original tuners, nut, cone, biscuit, tailpiece. Worn finish on the coverplate, fretboard and around the body edges; finish flaking off in places too, and has been removed entirely from the back of the neck (which revealed a filled knot in the maple neck wood). Neck is in fine shape and not excessively bowed. Although the fretwork is not perfect, the guitar plays fine with its higher action of 9/64ths. A warm resonator, and not at all barky, you'll likely want to play this guitar with a little extra time between the notes to listen as each falls away. With chipboard case

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