Museum: Resonator & Steel Guitars

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1931 National / Sears Duolian

Serial # 352 R. In the days before electric amplification, National's resonator guitars punched out as much volume as a guitarist could hope for. They were immensely popular, and the base-model Duolian sold well through the depression. So well, in fact, that the company built unbranded instruments for Sears for a short while. These Sears Duolians were otherwise identical to their national brethren but for their coverplates and absence of headstock logo. This example is a very fine sounding steel-body, with its original cone and bridge intact. The Duco finish was removed years ago by the looks of things, and the rust patterns on the top suggest that it might have been given another décor motif between then and now. Original fretboard and frets are in usable shape and are better than most; non-original tuners are period correct. Perfectly worn neck has a round and chunky profile and a nutwidth of 1-13/16. Action measures 9/64ths on the treble and 11/64ths on the bass side, which is great for chording in the first position and sliding up the neck. Lots of great vibe to this guitar coupled with spooky old National tone. With chipboard case

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