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1930 National Style 0

Serial # S1917. An early brass bodied Style 0, in remarkable original condition. Likely built in late 1930, this guitar's body features National's second variation of tropical scene etching, with a few less clouds in the sky than what's on the very first instruments, but still with the edge etching that disappeared sometime in 1931. It's a stunning guitar, with an untarnished and unworn nickel plating, fine original cone, and original frets that play well.

Set up Spanish style, the action measures a comfortable 7 to 8 64ths at the 12th fret -- perfect for hybrid fingerstyle slide. The saddle is cut fairly low, but is the original part. Very light fret and fingerboard wear, tuners work perfectly, and the body is largely free of denting. There are minor side puckers at the usual locations -- waist, and endpin -- but these are hardly worth reporting on.

A lovely sounding Style 0, the guitar has warmth, power, and cut. The cone sounds fresh, and the neck feels just right. A vintage national with everything going for it.

With original hardshell case

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